Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I could have...but then thought...what if...

You are out to change the world
You are not going to take anything lying down
You are going to protest the first time you see someone
- cutting down a tree
- talking about women's place being in the kitchen
- smoking in public
- asking for a bribe
- forcing child labour....

Sounds familiar? As if that 'you' is you? Or does it feel as if that 'you' was you?
How many times while growing up, while attending seminars or debates on environment, on World Health Day or in a drive towards 100% literacy, have we all thought that we will change the world? Or maybe even, that we will bring a change to the world?
How many times have we unabashedly lectured other people about not spitting in public places or not smoking in a bus, unmindful of grumpy faces or patronising or even amused looks around?

What stops us from doing that now?
What makes us say - let it be, doesn't matter, come on now, forget it.....?
What makes us brush it all away with so-called 'maturity'? Are we really that matured or is it something else?
Is it our age? Then why do we still feel young at heart and are not scared to show our love for teddies and chocolates?
Is it our image? Then, why do we consciously try to break that image?
Is it our meek acceptance of reality? Then, why do we go against the set norms in other ways?
Is it a fear of being laughed at for being too driven? Then why aren't we afraid to be said the same thing when we drive ourselves to perfection at work?

The answer is not known to just thinking why....perhaps it is the complexity of life as age adds on more layers, more colours....unlike the simplicity of childhood and the passion of teenage....
Any answers?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sheesh...did you say 'SEXY'?

A short apology:
It's been some time now that I blogged, but no excuses here, except that my daily itinerary did not include blogging for that 'some time'. My apologies to those other blogs where I was previously a regular reader and commentor, but was recently missing from the scene.

So, what have I been up to?
Well, to start with, am still not decided whether I want to see Nishabd or not. The pros are that if I watch it with a "open mind", people might regard me as "open minded" or "hep" or "non-aunty", and who knows, it might just turn to be a decent film with a story after all. The cons are of course that it is a RGC film, whose recent films, other than the aptly-remade-godfather 'Sarkar', has a storyline equivalent to half an hour, which stretches to two hours. And I also do not get turned on by female butts, legs or drenched white shirts on female bodies... Even then, this might be one of his better movies, so am waiting for someone to give me an honest review, someone who is not awed by RGV and is comfortable with "bold" subjects, so as to view the film impartially without feeling the need to either feel overwhelmed or ashamed about the subject.

When on bold topics, I found Rediff Movies has flagged off a discussion about "Who is Bollywood's sexiest actress?" as a pre-cursor to Women's Day. Of course, I have found rediff throwing up weird topics of discussions all the time, but this time, it is the messages by people who really really entertained me, and made me write this post. Do visit the site when in need of a few laughs any time during the day. A few samples:

'We need to discuss the same, as Indian women changed a lot and Millions of ppl atill looking a change like the slut Mallika sherawat and we can find the same from our cities like Bangalore, Mumbai'
(Now Mallika is a s***? Why?)

'I really do not understand why such a stupid question has asked on eve of Women's day.India is country where women gets a lot respect.I think it is better if you would ask 'Who is the best Women Personality ever produced'?? '
(Sexy means disrespect?)

'This is the most disgusting way of celebrating Women's Day and to celebrate the contributions of the fairer sex. I wish Rediff does not stoop down to become a X rated site. Please avoid such nonsense.'

I could go on and on, but the fact remains that even now 'sexy' is supposedly a dirty word, and might even be used to mean disrespect. A mere mention of the word make Indians start about our 'culture', and how 'women are respected' and how 'western culture is spoiling us'. Makes me feel that all these men and women who react this way actually feel threatened by sexy people around. A classic case of grapes are sour?

What do I say, except perhaps to thank my stars that I at least stay in a city where I was not lynched when I wanted to send flowers on valentine, and my western outfits are tolerated....