Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On screen hero....off screen?

Do you remember the penultimate scene of Lage Raho Munnabhai...when the bridegroom goes missing...and then you see him standing alone, slowly taking off his Shehra....and many of us let out a collective gasp as his face got uncovered?
That was Abhishek Bachchan on screen, in one of his many guest appearances, playing a much-in-love, care-a-damn-about-superstitions hero who weds a Manglik girl, mouthing dialogues like 'Tumse shaadi karke shayad main mar jaun, par tumse shaadi nahin karun toh main zaroor mar jaunga' (Maybe I might die if I marry you, but I will surely die if I don't marry you), or something to that effect.

And this is Abhishek Bachchan off screen, who made one of the most beautiful woman in the world marry a tree because she is a manglik, before he ultimately married her.
Was there anything different in his situation on screen and off screen? None.
Was there a difference in his behaviour? Ummm..........