Monday, March 27, 2006

New meanings, new mentality....

Overheard at a small restaurant in Madhapur, which is frequented by people working in HITEC City:
Person 1: "Hyderabad is such a boring place one even whistles at girls here. At my hometown, we used to have great fun doing that!"
(Very matured...and for those with his level of maturity, this was pun intended)

Person 2: "Yeah, real boring. And have you seen the people, they seem to be too interested in you. IWhat I used to love at Mumbai, you know, was that no one used to care what is happening to you. Here, even if you get a bit hurt on the roads, there's a big crowd gathering, I really hate it!!!"
(Wondering what he would say if he got 'seriously' hurt rather than a 'bit' and there is no one stopping to take him to the hospital)

Person1: "Really, everyone should be left alone to be independent. Now, that is why I like working in my company (name not disclosed). You know, working in it has really made me independent. I don't care about others and I don't need help also."
(Independent means not caring about others? Well, maturity....)

To each his own? Or would I have stepped in and questioned their beliefs?

Lots of myself, to everyone...with a tinge of self-doubt....

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Here I start....

Like other things, the most difficult thing to do, is to start something (except if it is a short story, in which case, the most difficult part would be the ending). Anytime I start to write something, the first problem I face is to decide the topic, and the heading....which does not mean that I don't face other problems later, but mostly, it takes me a long long time to decide the name/topic/heading.
But why am I explaining all this? Well, simply to explain to myself (till someone else takes the trouble to read my blogs), why I have not started a blog before. The list of excuses include:

1. Could not find a topic
2. Did not know how to do it - being technically challenged.
3. Could not symchronize the sudden rush of thoughts, the willingness of the fingers to type and the availbility of a blogging place.
4. Was shy about others reading my thoughts (yes, thoughts, though one of my friends say that women can't think)
5. Was plain lazy.

But then, it is better to write something and let those thoughts come out somewhere than unleash them on an unsuspecting husband at dinner or colleagues at lunch. For most part, it will prevent dinner spats, and reduce my husband's blood pressure if he is not expected to listen attentively to the random musings of his 'philosophical' wife. It might even take away the tag of 'talking too much' from my name...what rosy dreams.
So, here I start....