Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Going home...

Am going home bye bye internet, cable TV, western clothes and office....which means no blogging for a couple of weeks.
Of course, it also means - Durga Puja pandals, new clothes, chicken rolls, blaring music, known faces in crowds and mom-cooked food.
See you all when I return on 8th...from my hometown and also, Shillong.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Grand Prix and.....Bollywood..err...

Tanu tells me that Schumacher has declared that he will retire from formula one racing Well, yeah, formula one racing will not be the same without him, I agree. Then, she adds, it's worse that he will be replaced by Kimi Raikkonen, who probably(here Tanu will vehemently shake her head and say, 'definitely') is nowhere near the charismatic Schumi.
Am not that bothered...and that's not because I don't watch F1 too closely. That's also not because I am impervious to Schumi's charms and abilities.
That's mainly because ever since remakes started happening in Bollywood, and they chose Shahrukh to step into the shoes of first Dilip Kumar (in Devadas) and now Amitabh (in Don), and Mohit Ahlawat is chosen to play Jai in the Sholay remake...I am now reconciled to the fact, that you don't always need personality and ability to replace anyone. Sighhhhhhh...if only they had thought about remakes when I was moving towards my sure I would have loved to act opposite Aamir in any remake...any role...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Now hearing - Don(new) and Jaaneman

'Aaj ki Raat...hona hain kya...paana hain kya...khona hain kya'
- Retro...with disco beats...conjuring up visions of two girls in classy sensuous clothes, jewels and smooth moves. Dangerous, edgy, sexy, yet classy.
I had to write this when I am still listening to the song, now 3rd time during the day...when Alisha Chinay's sultry voice is cut in by sugary and smooth Mahalaxmi...and my feet goes tapping to the chorus. This post is simply because I had to say something about this song, out loud.

'I am listening to Don's songs,' I tell my husband (who, as I think have mentioned before, has to be counted among the country's top fans of big B, so much so, he hates it if anyone else hogs the limelight in a movie where the credits feature AB Sr.).
'Why?' comes the disgruntled question. 'Why are you popularising the music of a classic being remade badly?'
'It is good, I like it,' my enthusiasm is now down, my voice soothing and barely audible.
'It is people like you who will help the stupid movie to be a hit....why don't you understand?'
Oops! And people wonder why the protesters against 'Fanaa' were so charged!

We buy a lot of casettes, mainly because our car has a casette player, and we like listening to music. Personally, I like the music of a movie when it is either of the following:
1. Funky with lots of beats, and lyrics which make sense, at least in some of the songs. Some pop, some rock.
2. Classical or semi-classical with shayaris or ghazals.
3. Romantic and melodious, sometimes breezy, sometimes plain sweet.
And it is wonderful if an album has all three, which is hardly available nowadays. Also, I hate it when the mood of the music and the lyrics don't match, it feels almost as bad as someone dancing salsa in rhythm with a hip-hop music.

All right, its 'Don-the chase begins again' first:
An album with 2 remade old songs - 'Yeh Mera Dil' and the classic 'Khaike Paan banaraswala', which have been sung pretty well by Sunidhi Chauhan (whom I personally consider to be extremely talented and versatile with her voice modulations matching Shaan's and confusing you as to who the singer is) and Udit Narayan (who I still think, has one of the richest voices ever among the modern singers), but unfortunately will be compared to the old ones.
An album with 3 new songs -
a) the title song - 'Main Hoon Don', sung by Shaan, whose voice flows with the music, and the music is somewhat reminiscent of the title song from 'Humraaz' (whose opening credits, as per hubby, was 'Are Deewano' in slow motion).
The lyrics are a little childish and too blatant at points like 'Bahut hi khatarnak hoon main'(why declare?) and 'Palkein bichhaye, paas bulaye, kitne haasinayen mujhe' to give a few examples. Javedji, I expected something more subtle.
b)'Aaj Ki Raat' - music, singing, lyrics-matching-the-mood-of-music...almost perfect. Need I say more than what I already have before?
c) Ganapati mourya - Passable, if you dig Shahrukh dancing to a earthy style after a long time.

Now for Jaan-e-mann:
The only reason I am writing the review is because I spent Rs.58/- on this album on recommendations by indiafm which said: 'Jaan-E-Mann' adds on to the list of must-buy albums this season'. My understanding of the word 'must-buy' cahnged drastically on hearing the album.

The album starts with Salman reciting a bit of shayari, a-la-a lot of heroes before. Oddly seems like he is actually speaking English or Hindi with a hard-to-place english accent. Ab Salman ka tashan hain...hum kya kare.
We move on to the song:
a) Humko Maloom hain:
Music - old world.
Lyrics - definitely 'contemporary' with lines like 'Dad maane nahin, Mom maane nahin' and 'ye mera future ka sawal hain'.
Sung: Pretty good...and you got to give extra credits for the singers making such lines seem less ridiculous.
When I find Gulzar's name on the lyrics, I seriously think of searching for his email id and asking him if he is taking tutions from Sameer. What's wrong with you Gulzarji? It is not that I am a prude and want only deep urdu words in my songs, I simply loved 'Bunty aur Babli' and the 'beedi' song from 'omkara'...but this is...ewwww.
Of course, as per indiafm: 'Gulzar saab must be happy this his lyrics are presented in a new light for a hardcore commercial film', so am wondering if B&B was not a hard-core commercial movie?
b) Ajnabi Shaher me:
Never knew when the previous one ended and when this started....but it was as effective as a lullaby.
indiafm agrees:'This is the kind of song that one may want to put on in a repeat mode, switch off the lights and go to sleep!'
Ok, I understand that they did not say it that way, but maybe they were being polite?
c)Jaane ke jaane na: The only saving grace...wacky, rhythmic and right on spot...made me rewind it.
d) Sau Dard: It opens with 'Humko Maloom Hai's opening strains, so I thought it was a continuation of the first song, but it was a slightly different song...disappears and leaves no residue....err effect. The remix is much better though.
e)Oodh Jaana:I badly wanted to like this song, but either it was becasue of my car stereo, or because it came after I was already fatigued by the album, that it made me just realize that this song might be good on multiple hearing.
f)Kabool Kar le: Blame it on the album, but I just don't remember this song, might hear the album again to see where it went!!!

Well, if your tastes match mine, you are suggested to stay away, or else, download the song, hear them first, then decide whether to buy the album.
Me, have heard the album twice, once before and once after our car was serviced, and the servicing did nothing for the music...will hear it again, after all, have spent 58/- on it.On second thoughts, I won't risk it, might lead to rare domestic violence, or should it be mobile(as in car) violence?

Watched the old Don on Thursday - no, my hubby has not grown old suddenly (some people will understand this joke), am talking about the old movie in which Amitabh was enacting the role of Don. Realized that the theme music of the new Don is actually a more shaken-n-stirred version of the theme music of the old know the music, listen to the tune of the line 'Mujhko pehchaan lo, main hoon Don' - the title song of the new Don.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cappuccino, cribs and confidences...

Grey clouds, slight breeze, two girls in a single auto...
My hazelnut cappuccino, her berry iced tea....
My sandwich, her cheese melt....
My observations, her analysis...
The agenda - to talk some more, to talk till we can no longer delay going home to continue with our chores, to share whatever was there on our mind, to vent frustrations and laugh about them, to giggle over the moments of happiness, to crib over things which cannot be changed, to count our blesings, to bitch and to short, a normal girls' evening.
Two limited hours of unlimited topics...
Few moments of unabashed confidences....
Some memories, some plans...
Some information, some conclusions...
Some humour, some hard facts...
A dash of sweet-sour blueberry jam inside a warm, buttery muffin...a heart shaped foam on a round cup of cappuccino...some floating berry rinds in an iced tea...two bright eyes, active hands, unruly hair, orange cell phones...

Glistening raindrops on the parked cars and trees and the pavement.
Two different auto rickshaws, negotiations, sudden acceleration of the autos in two different directions with two women, sudden fast forward from girl to woman.

Friendship - so utterly undefined, unrefined and instinctive...just like some evenings like these....

Monday, September 04, 2006

Mind travails and travels...

It has been some time since I blogged. I did think of posting on a few topics...topics which irritated me for all of half an hour, after which I decided not to harm myself further by staying irritated, topics which made me happy enough to undermine the futility of living through a day, topics which made me sad enough to realize that they should not be immortalized by blog posts...and finally topics on which I dug out information, which anyone can dig out on the web.
So, I did not blog. I visited other blogs a lot, which managed to slowly scrap at the wobbly foundation of my confidence, and made me wonder why people should visit my blog when they have such others to go to...which in turn made me wonder if people see my blog at all...and which in turn made me install a sitemeter, just for has not really disappointed me so far.
So, I read a few books, which could not move me enough to type out a few sentences for or least coherent, logical sentences...except maybe 'Whoever wrote this book is a person fond of self-piety or martyrdom' or else, 'I wish everyone reads this book'...and before I could expand, the feeling is gone.
Feelings...maybe I have found the cause...yeah, I did not feel enough. One of my friends has told me often, that when someone writes from the heart, it shows. And then, no matter how crappy the grammar, or how wodehousian the language, it stirs up something in the reader... especially if it is a simple situation, which everyone relates to. But if you are pretentious, it will show that you are trying to copy styles, or topics or situations or fonts...
And then, during times when I feel too much, too confused to sum up these feelings, and too scared to reveal them to others...I wish the blog was a diary...or I posted anonymous.
And so, this post has no subject, because I cannot think on a single subject...sometimes the mind is so organized, that it seeps into the fingers and prompts them to write, which brings a post on a single subject. Sometimes, the mind just wanders, and you let it organize the journey - this post is one such situation.

Once my mind decides to hover or settle down, I would do a proper topic-specific post. Hope that happens soon - I miss writing and all this journey gets too tiring.