Monday, December 18, 2006

Random post...for a special birthday!

Long gap...much longer than when I wrote the whole month, and supposedly had no time to post...probably because once I don't write for some time, it takes me time to write anything, anywhere.
Weird gap, with a few experiences that made me do a re-think about almost everything life stands for...things which should be left behind to be forgotten...lessons which should be carried forward and never forgotten. What probably caused the gap in this writing was the time taken to sort out what should be carried forward and what should be buried deep.
At the end of continues...almost the same as before.
At the end of it...the choice is always ours. And once we make a choice, we lose the right to blame anyone else for it.
The sad part was we had an accident, our car got grotesquely squashed in front, it was a long painful night, and then of course, India fared horribly in one-day cricket, people lodged stupid lawsuits on movie scenes, autos in Hyderabad went on strike to protest against digital meters (read: governments move to stop them from cheating the passengers)....and wintery mornings bring in mostalgia.
The happy part is we were not hurt, thanks to seat belts, the insurance company agreed to pay up their part of the bargain made when we took the policy, the memories of the night are slowly drifting away, enabling me to take a more humorous look at it, and then of course, India won the first test match against South Africa, Manu Sharma got convicted for murdering Jessica Lall in spite of Mr. Jethmalani bringing in weird, unrelated stories, and autos are back on the road today...whew!

Which means all is well with the world.
Which means I can feel warm and cozy and loved and appreciated...and confident and emotionally successful....and full-of-milk-of-human-kindness and overflowing with postive emotions and all that...and ready to spread cheer around.
Which means the timing is right....and the winter air seems fresh but warm...and the icing on the cake was pure rich here's wishing the special person in my life a very happy birthday!
For all the times we have laughed at each other and at others together....for all the times we have fought with each other and with others together....for all the times we misunderstood each other or understood too well, but never said so...for all the times we decided to part, only to decide otherwise in a few minutes....for all the times we thought it was all over, only to restart it all over again....I would just want it all to be the same, especially when it comes to you...
So, here's hoping that on this birthday, you remain the same as ever...and take on life with the same enthusiasm, same passion and the same goofy smile as you always do and come out trumps!!