Sunday, May 07, 2006

Parenthood - the series

The introduction - what makes me write on this topic:
To those who might read this blog, this has got nothing to do with tips on parenthood, or how to be an ideal parent, or my experiences as a parent, this is but somewhat the prelude to actual parenthood - what happens when anyone chooses to be a parent, whether we really have that choice, whether having or not having a choice matters to anyone or specifically to me and what anyone like me can be sure of facing when you are not a parent at the 'right' time...ironically there is nothing like 'before' time, at least not in India.
This is a topic which is slightly more personal to me than the others so far, but owing to my age, which has triggered off questions/expectations/misgivings about my parenthood (or lack of it), this is now something I feel strongly about....strongly enough to last two weeks of arguements, banter or in-depth discussions with my girlfriends. So, thought of starting a series of blogs on it, and now trying to group my thoughts within a few topics. I hope I manage to pack all I want to say within these topics, if not, there can always be 'miscellaneous' or 'others' or 'supplement'....
The posts might sound irritating, repetitive and long, but so have been the experiences, and in my defence I can only say that I am not alone in this situation. So, here's to glouting of rules and a cynical look at the 'preparation to parenthood'...


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