Thursday, May 04, 2006

Something trivial...almost backdated

It's been a long time since I posted...what with the Ooty trip in between, when i was eagerly waiting for photos to be uploaded, so that I could write about it with photos and all that...however, the sync problem reared it's head, and so by the time the photos arrived, my writing urge and skills had left...waited to get them back, but it was a long wait.
It was then that, two days back, I noticed something on the road, something so trivial, that it feels I must be having a very good concentration on the road and very little around, to notice it.
We were in front of Ohri's, Banjara after a late dinner, and it was around midnight.
We were waiting for our car to be brought by the valet, when this Honda City stopped in front of us, and a guy, who must be in his 20s got down from the back seat. From the front passenger seat, a face showed up of a boy of about 12 or 13 and he put out a hand with a note on it, assumedly of 500 rs. and said, 'Ja, mutton biryani leke aa'.(Go, get some mutton biryani)
The guy turned back, took the money, and smiled, almsot asked a question, to which the teenager repeated, 'Bola na, mutton biryani leke aa'(Didn't I tell you to go get some mutton biryani? - slightly more aggressive this time).
It then struck me that the guy-of-back-seat must be a servant working in this guy-in-the-front-seat's place, which you would not have guessed by his dress.
What also struck me was how he was addressed by someone half his age - with no respect at all. What if the guy were this teenager's brother? Would he have dared to order him in such an offhand way? Is it too far-fetched to hope that the teenager will show at least a fraction of that respect to this guy, by virtue of his age?
Peeping a bit, I found that the driver was a lady, assumedly the teenager's mother, who was then talking into her cell phone. Well, a modern and independent mom, pretty affluent, but bringing up a son without one of the basic lessons of life - respect begets respect.
When we were a kid, and even now, I have found moms telling their kids to address the servant as mama, kaka(remember raamu kaka?), dada or bhaiyya i.e. like a family member. Whatever happened to those small old-fashioned gestures?

As I said, it was trivial, maybe not even worth blogging about. But it is certainly worth thinking about.....


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